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Are you looking to upgrade your home? A garage transformation is a great home improvement project to add value to your property. Converting a garage space into a self-contained unit/flat has become a very popular practice for home owners looking to accommodate teenage family members; extended families, home office, professional suite, or to create an extra income. This is a great investment to consider; as you can get the benefits of adding value to an existing house with an additional self-contained room without taking on a completely new building project. Simply even upgrading your garage door could increase your property’s curb appeal.

Renovation services throughout Melbourne and rural Victoria

While this is a perfect idea, it is not an easy process and requires the help of professionals. At M&S Home & Bath, our garage conversion specialists will help you to transform the garage, changing that cold feel to a warm and homely addition. We will help you not only on structure but also on finishing that will give a stylish and comfortable execution to your converted garage. We do provide budget garage conversions to fully functional garage.

Conversion ideas and can help you with every stage from planning to execution of your project. In any part of Melbourne and Melbourne’s townships. Additionally, our experts & professionals have years of garage renovation experience. We can help advise you on any ideas or projects that you might need a second opinion on. We provide service to Melbourne and the surrounding rural Victoria area. As well as Hawthorn, Kew, Toorak, Ivanhoe, Brighton, and Doncaster etc.

At M&S Home & Bath renovation, we guarantee that your new garage will not only be functional & usable but aesthetically pleasing & stylish too. Our team of professionals understand interior design and can help you design a garage with the right colours & choices to make it look good. We work alongside you to tailor a garage renovation that you’re guaranteed to love.

Interested in getting started with a professional garage conversion Melbourne? Call us today for a professional consultation and quote for your garage renovation project!

M&S Garage Renovation
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